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The deputy Alfonso Marquina: “For the first time in history, safety step into the background and the great shortage or non production is the main concern of Venezuelans”

“Inflation in Venezuela in the first four months of the year was greater than the sum of inflation in Latin America in 2013 , this is certainly something that affects us , unfortunately not all alike , because due to the policies pursued by the current Government, Venezuela is a country that lives two realities, so advised  Shully Roshental , National coordinator of the Justice and Democracy Foundation, in the Forum for citizens Fractured Economy .

“We are convinced of the need to create spaces like these to multiply the information , especially in this age where the information blockade is so marked ,” he added .

This forum held at the premises of Living in Crisafi Alberto Torre Credicard , attended by deputy Alfonso Marquina , economists Angel Alvarado and Jose Guerra , the moderator of it was the City Council President Sucre , Jorge Barroso.

Angel Alvarado said ” Bolivar became one of the most important currencies in the world, unfortunately at the moment we can not say the same , because the Venezuelan economic model failed. In our country there is an elite that seized the oil wealth and institutions for the sole purpose of staying in power . ”

For his part, José Guerra referred to the importance of creating a new story based on a new economic model , “we must bring down inflation , but the country is settled, so the importance of establishing a different policy , where one of his main is equity for all alike. ”

During their participation , Deputy Alfonso Marquina said that the main problem is the shortage Venezuelans , “the numbers do not lie, for the first time in history , safety step into the background and the great scarcity is the main concern of Venezuelans ” .

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