Venezuela, got Democracy? is a peaceful initiative to promote awareness about the reality of what is really happening in Venezuela.  It is a collective perspective from concerned citizens of all sectors of society.

As you may be aware from the news and social media buzz, Venezuela is experiencing an enormous historical challenge that goes far beyond politics and economic issues.

The current Government of President Nicolas Maduro Moros is clearly not content with having one of the highest inflations in the world (2013: 52%+), a scarcity of basic food items (even toilet paper) and rampant street violence (2013 official murder count: 25,000+), but is currently implementing a police and paramilitary campaign against peaceful demonstrators simply raising their voice against the hardships that the whole country is suffering. There are continuous and grave human rights violations by the government against students, women, children and regular citizens, that now account for over 24 dead, hundreds of people hurt and thousands jailed.

The government also owns or controls most media outlets and has banned channels such as NTN 24 and CNN from the country in order to keep their control and violence hidden. Protesters have come to depend mostly on social media vehicles such as twitter and facebook, not unlike the recent Arab spring, to have their message heard by the public in Venezuela and globally.  Even the local Internet is being controlled through the government’s complete dominance of the country’s telecommunications.

We believe that we have to do something.  Something that generates awareness and draws attention to the grave situation that has arisen and is not being resolved.  It is for this reason we are hoping to have your support.  We do not ask that you support any political agenda or movement – all we ask is just for you to help our cause, so that your profile and reputation enables us to attain a greater reach.


We thank you very much for your kind support to the millions of voices that are struggling to be heard in the country of Venezuela.